Half Siberian, Half Persian

By Caelle
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11 months ago

Brief description:

Born around August. Cat was originally a friend's, but she's no longer allowed to have it because her father doesn't like cats.  We bought it from her since we have 4 cats already, but our eldest cat always fights him and it's been over 2 months. 


Half Persian, half Siberian

We bought him a cat bowl, we can add it as a freebie. 

Pure gray 

Very very very sweet. He's sweeter than all my 4 other cats combined. 

Cuddler and loves to groom you. 

Price is negotiable. Meet ups only around Metro Manila. We want to make sure that we see the people who gets him and he gets with his new family safe. 

Contact Number 09912420373
Other Ways to Contact Seller Email: cabebanu@gmail.com

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